Interview with upcoming Artist – Andrea Delicata from Marmalja

By June 23, 2018Blog

When and why did you start playing music?


At the age of 17, it hit me that it might be wiser and much rewarding to switch playing video games with playing music. So I asked my elder brother who used to Dj at the time to hook me up with some music software. 7 years later I’d say I’m glad that I made the switch. I quickly found making music to be a fine medium to express my emotions and set a bass-line for stories to be told. Truly by chance, I was meeting a lot of great storytellers. These lead to great relations, numerous adventures, audiovisual projects and physical albums.


What project’s have you worked on that you’re proud of?


Il-Qrara. An audiovisual project in collaboration with MaxMotion.

Directed by John Paul Agius, Il-Qrara (The Confession) stars Michael Sciortino as a priest and Peter Galea as a stranger unravelling his past.


The story was written by Marmalja’s lead lyricist, Claude Agius, Sound design and ending score was done by myself. The dramatic film ends with a un-released Marmalja track.


Il-Qrara made it to the official selection at the Hollywood Film Competition, Los Angeles Cine Fest, Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards and Legends of Hollywood Film Festival.

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