Presentation of Rotot

By April 27, 2018Blog
Today we presented the brand guidelines to the fine arts students. Elaine explained everything on behalf of the art direction team.
They had some questions to ask us regarding setup, such as if they need to follow rules when setting up the space. We have decided that if they use an accent colour they should try to use green, which is allocated for fine arts but we will not limit them to anything, their space is their own and it would be best to leave it in their hands. Their exhibition should reflect their style and personality.
Catalogue will use black and white photography on thin paper with a high-quality spread in the middle of it. The paper might be coloured as well so images would be black on colour.
A1 and A3 posters will be used.
For wayfinding, we are thinking of linking the places by having leaflets of other exhibitions, one leading to the next. There is also an idea of installing the logo in each place, hopefully, neon in colour chosen for each course.

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